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Winter is here but Spring is right around the corner!

Spring registraion is now open!!!

Spring Ball starts first week of April.



 If you have any questions please send an email to and HYB will respond ASAP***

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Spring Baseball Questions/Answers:

After registering when should I hear from someone?

Depends on the age.  All 7-12 year olds will receive an email a week or two before tryouts to receive a time to show up.  Everyone else should hear by the end of March on what team they are on.  You will receive a league email with information as we get closer to the start of the season.


When does the season start? And when does it end?

Depends on the weather and how much snow we get, but we plan on starting beginning of April.  We go until the end of the school year.


What days do they play on?  

For Tball they only play on Saturday for an hour half time frame that varies week to week.  Rookie and AA have games every Saturday with a practice during the week.  Practice nights will depend on what team you are put on.  AAA and Majors play a game during the week and on Saturday.  Will also have at least one practice during the week.


Can my child move up a division?

The only two ages that can "move up" a division would be 7 and 8 year olds.  At the age of 7 is when we have kids start trying out.  Most 7 year olds will still play Rookie but we will move a few of them that tryout to AA.  For 8 year olds most of them play AA but there is a few each year that get picked for AAA.  4 and 5 year olds have to play Tball and 6 year olds have to play Rookie.  Majors is all 11 and 12 year olds and no 10 year old can try out.